Radio Controlled Vehicles Tools and Supplies

Just like an ordinary vehicle, RCVs also require maintenance and repair to keep them in top condition. RCV especially require the owner/operator to gain knowledge about their vehicle to be able to keep it in good condition since they tend to get damaged while being operated. A tool kits, spare parts hand books, fiber glasses, cleaning brushes should all be acquired in regard of RCV's. Proper cleaning after every use is particularly important since mud tends to accumulate and after it dries causes problems.

Make sure to finish all nitro fuel in the vehicles storage tank before storage and for battery propelled version remove the batteries before storage to avoid any leakage which could damage circuits within the RCV. Only switching off does not ensure that batteries will not leak. For rechargeable versions, if not used often recharge battery once a fortnight to maintain its power is essential even if the vehicle is not used.

Replacement Part Hand Book for RC Vehicles

For people who get a thrill from watching RC vehicles race and perform stunts and would like to try doing this, it would be advisable to buy a good RC vehicle which comes with a manual with all replacement part numbers making finding or locating parts easy when ordering. Since many parts are ordered from ware houses in distant places accurate information about the part is important for receiving...


RC Vehicle Tool Kit

Initially after the RCV purchase you should take it for repair to people who are qualified and have experience fixing them. Do not be ignorant and observe how he disassembles, repairs/ services and reassembles the vehicle and notice what tools are used. Tools can usually be found at the local tool shop. By carrying your vehicle to the shop the attendant can help you gather and establish which to...


Fiber Glass and Adhesives for RC Vehicles

Adhesives are other important components required to maintain a RCV since they are prone to scratches and breakage when used. Learning how to use fiber glass can help fix parts of the body that have broken. For people who have enough experience using fiber glass it is also possible to build new hoods or cabins for the vehicles. Easily available, you can start practicing on other objects so as to...


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