RC Vehicle Tool Kit

Initially after the RCV purchase you should take it for repair to people who are qualified and have experience fixing them. Do not be ignorant and observe how he disassembles, repairs/ services and reassembles the vehicle and notice what tools are used.

Tools can usually be found at the local tool shop. By carrying your vehicle to the shop the attendant can help you gather and establish which tools are required for that vehicle. Your tool kit should also include other supplies like a cleaning kit and a small painting kit with "fast dry paints" matching the color of the vehicle and brushes. Cleaning kits consist of several brushes and fluids which are very helpful cleaning small crevices on the vehicle.

Do not tamper with sensitive components on the vehicles engine or control systems initially. Start by first cleaning the vehicle, as you gain experience from watching the repair person you will learn how to repair the vehicle yourself.

Unlike the ordinary tool kit RCV tool kits consist of smaller size tools resembling those used by electrical engineers. Screw drivers with adaptable heads are most common in these toolkits. Always keep your tool kit handy when you operate the vehicle since you may need it any time. After operation of the remote car depending on the place you used it you should take the hood off and clean the vehicle before storage. Do not splash water on it. Take it apart using the tools only and remove any loose dirt by hand or using a soft cloth. After this use the cleaning fluid and brushes to clean the entire vehicle inside and out.



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