Fiber Glass and Adhesives for RC Vehicles

Adhesives are other important components required to maintain a RCV since they are prone to scratches and breakage when used. Learning how to use fiber glass can help fix parts of the body that have broken. For people who have enough experience using fiber glass it is also possible to build new hoods or cabins for the vehicles. Easily available, you can start practicing on other objects so as to perfect the qualities of resin required making strong bonds. Also useful are adhesives like super glue which can be used to stick many plastic parts on a vehicle.

RC flying vehicle owners must learn using these adhesives more than RC car owners since the flying vehicles are prone to more damage due to crashes. Initially watch an experienced person fix your craft but just for your information you should be aware that damage to one wing or rudder would mean applying adhesive on both. Applying adhesive to only one wing would make the vehicle unbalanced leading to difficulty while in flight. In case of too much damage it is better to replace the whole part for a new one which should be available at the local brands outlet.

After repair make sure to paint over the repaired part to maintain the vehicles look. Minor repairs can be done on the vehicles several times and replacements can be done on parts that have sustained extreme damage or have lost their shape due to repeated repair.



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