Battery Operated Remote Control Vehicles

These are usually smaller and cheaper to buy, and are easily available from ordinary toy stores, battery run RC vehicles are not the ultimate RC vehicle since they lack the power or torque which the more competitive vehicles have. Some models will come with ordinary batteries (cells) where as others may have inbuilt rechargeable cells. After purchasing such a gadget, you will require to connect...


Military and Commercial Usage

Vehicles used in these sectors vary with some using batteries to power them and others normal engines. But one aspect is shared by all of them "operator experience". Since they do delicate work their operators are required to undergo professional training to be able to operate them properly. Each operator practices in a simulator until he passes the test after which he is licensed as that vehicl...


Nitro Propelled Vehicles

As mentioned above, these are usually considered as "big boy toys" since mostly teenagers and adults use them. They are also more expensive and will cost between US$ 800-3000. They are found in all types from cars, flying crafts, boats and even military hardware like tanks which even shoot pellets from their barrels. These can be bought as readymade or assembly parts and come even with replaceme...


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