Nitro Propelled Vehicles

As mentioned above, these are usually considered as "big boy toys" since mostly teenagers and adults use them. They are also more expensive and will cost between US$ 800-3000. They are found in all types from cars, flying crafts, boats and even military hardware like tanks which even shoot pellets from their barrels.

These can be bought as readymade or assembly parts and come even with replacement parts. For a first time user you should buy a vehicle that is easily available in the markets and one for which replacement parts are easily available. This is for the simple reason that nitro propelled cars pack a punch of power and sooner or later there is bound to be a mishap while operating it.

Again go to an open isolated place and start the engine. The remote unit has several dials so you should start driving slow as you get used to using each dial. Though tempting, do not over speed while learning to use the remote or you may have a broken RC vehicle before long. Learning to adjust throttle, and braking as well as the direction controls is very important to gain the desired performance from the vehicle. This practice could take some weeks before you can venture in to a public park and enjoy, be prepared to gather and entertain a crowd while operating Nitro propelled RC vehicles since crowds can't resist watching one perform.



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