About Radio Controlled Vehicles

To begin with remote control (RC) vehicles were created for the purpose of recreation. They are replicas of the ordinary vehicles and can perform most maneuvers that vehicles in those classes perform. They come in different types and sizes to suit each user's needs. Their primary use being for recreation RC's have been adopted by the military and commercial sectors.

RC vehicles have evolved in many ways from models that were first developed in the late 60s. Today they are available in many different models to suit each user's requirement. Unlike the past today RC cars, planes, boats, submarines, helicopters among can be found for recreation purposes while the commercial sector has developed RC vehicles to work in hazardous conditions that would not be safe for humans to work like deep sea exploration and working within nuclear plants.

The military and law enforcement agencies have also adopted RC vehicles. The military uses "drones" or remote controlled planes to patrol or even attack enemy hide outs. Bomb squads and anti-terrorism units use them to diffuse or immobilize bombs planted with bad intentions. They are usually powered by batteries or engines that can range from a few hundred grams "nitro powered engines" in weight to the normal engines used in vehicles.

The first models came in the form of remote controlled cars; built for recreational purposes by an Italian company LI-Gi, "Electronica Giocattoli," in the mid 1960s. The first RC car was a 1.12 Ferrari 250LM to be followed by another Ferrari model. The same was displayed in the Milan toy Fair in 1968.

After the development of the first models by the Italians, Britain developed its first commercial model in the late 1960s and the US soon followed developing their models in the early 70s. This hurry to develop these RC vehicles had been sparked by the sudden interest that people had gained in the vehicles and everyone wanted to own one.

The trend continued with many other nations and companies developing the cars, sparking a new development leading companies to develop other remote controlled vehicles like airplanes, and boats. This trend continued and soon commercial enterprises and the military realized the potential that these miniature vehicles had, prompting the development of RC vehicles of their own. RC vehicle were soon adopted to neutralize danger in places which would otherwise require putting lives at risk. They are still being used to work in places that pose hazard to human life. They have made it possible to enjoy, relax during free time and more importantly have made it possible to explore and protect citizens from harm in many ways.


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