How Do Remote Control Vehicles Work?

This question is mostly asked by people who have not seen a RCV up close to understand the fundamentals behind the controls that maneuver the vehicle via remote signal. Of course it might require deep technical exploration to go into the real in-depth analysis of these gadgets, but a relatively simpler explanation given below would help an average user to understand the broad concepts good enoug...


Why Is My RC Engine Running Hot?

Another common question that keeps on cropping up on the question list is overheating of engines. This problem is mostly faced by nitro fuelled engine vehicles. They are also more common since they have more power and people enjoy operating them more. The solution to this is quite simple, nitro fuel is meant to be mixed with an additional oil based agent, when your vehicle begins overheating it...


How To Start And Stop The Remote Control Vehicle Engine?

Due to the small size most RCVs do not have starting mechanism and require being push started. To do this switch the ignition to the 'On' position and push the vehicle forwards placing a little pressure on it and it should start quickly. Stopping the engine requires you to catch the vehicle while it is moving and push the ignition switch to 'Off' and the engine should stop. Another alternative c...


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